Page delay by LadyBrightcynder
25 03 2019 America/Chicago
My mum was taken into hospital on Saturday night, after she suddenly collapsed and was vomiting blood. She's out of the woods now and came home on Sunday morning, but she's still very frail and I want to take some time to make sure she's safe and comfortable. The housework's backlogged since I had work yesterday on top of all this, so I haven't had the time or energy to finish the current page.

I'm hoping to get the page posted tomorrow. I hope you all can understand the circumstances ;w;
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Nyteglacier (Guest) 25 03 2019 America/Chicago
Oh jeez O_O Please take all the time you need, I hope everything is okay...
LadyBrightcynder 26 03 2019 America/Chicago
Yeah, everything's fine now <:3 Thanks for your concern.