Chapter 1, Page 42

03 06 2019 America/Chicago
Overlooking important details is just one of Zai's many talents.
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LadyBrightcynder 03 06 2019 America/Chicago
Hooray! We're back after many, many technical issues! ... which are ongoing, but one step at a time...

There's a new vote incentive up on TopWebcomics! Wanna see the full version of that mysterious poster in the lower left panel? Wanna see the new worst thing I've ever drawn? A quick vote nets you some art and helps WW find new readers!

Support Wandering Wyveria!
Advertisement 19 07 2019 America/Chicago
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Nyteglacier/Snattlebakes (Guest) 04 06 2019 America/Chicago
"I don't know what this is"

Usually a good time to assume "dangerous" is the answer. >.>