Chapter 1, Page 41

06 05 2019 America/Chicago
I can't think of any alt text :3
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LadyBrightcynder 06 05 2019 America/Chicago
There he is! Ma boi Hollis! Look at him in all his mint pajama-ed glory. I ended up doing everything from colouring to shading today (I blame still being sick) so I am a tiredy girl :D

Got a few bits of news to get out of the way!

1. Chapter 1 of Wandering Wyveria is almost over! This is kindof a surreal feeling for me. I've never gotten more than 20-ish pages into a comic? I'm so happy you've all stuck with it! As a little celebration of sorts and as a break before now and chapter 2, I was thinking of making a Q&A comic or two, so you can ask Zai just how he got that fabulous feather mohawk, or Hereys why he's the best dragon.

There's still a couple pages to go before the end, so I'll probably make a more detailed post about this next page. I was thinking the best way to get questions in would be either a temporary email address or just through the comments. I'll work it out!

2. I'm restructuring my Patreon. It was probably a bit presumptious to start one this early anyway... I'm going to be taking it down to rework it soon. I'm going to be building it more around all my art in general, not just WW, and try to make the rewards more... well, rewarding. I can only apologise for what a mess the whole thing's been! >.< Thank you for bearing with me!

3. I'M GOING TO COLLEGE! Okay, it's not 100% pinned down yet, but I am planning to go to college to study comic art this September. It'll just be a part-time course for the moment, but it can lead on into a full university course. I'm super excited! :D

What does this mean for Wandering Wyveria? Well, I'm certainly not stopping! I'll still be working on pages. I haven't figured out the logistics of posting them during college. I think I'd probably make them in batches and post whatever I've got done monthly? I'll keep you updated.

Thanks for listening to me ramble, and thanks as always for reading! <3

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Nyteglacier (Guest) 07 05 2019 America/Chicago
Here's some fodder, maybe you can find something useful xP

Hereys: Robots or Ninjas?

Zai: Let us in on one of your secret projects, please? :3

Magic Spirit Ghost Wolf Thing: Aroooo?

Romith: Can you tell us about a time you were proud of Zai?

Creepy Spider Thing In The Corner: How's things?