Chapter 1, Page 40

15 04 2019 America/Chicago
Wee drake is wee.
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LadyBrightcynder 15 04 2019 America/Chicago
A little explanation for Zai's comment - calling someone a "wee man" is a Scottish term of endearment for a younger male sibling or friend. In the Wandering Wyveria world, a drake is a term for a juvenile dragon. It's basically the equivalent of calling someone "kid" or "kiddo".

I wanna have more Scottishisms in WW but not to the point of alienating readers - so let me know if these explanations bog down the story!

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DeltaTheUmbreon 15 04 2019 America/Chicago
Im sorry, little one This is it, this is what 2K hours of TF2 trained me for, time to use my Demoman information & decipher every bit of scottish